Oprah endorses February 6, 2009
Haven't done anyting to the site except clean up the images every now and then; letting it run on auto pilot. Then I get an email that someone can't save the image, so I dig into that function and find that the error is due to the month being only 1 digit. A bug that's been there ever since I added the save capability! So, anyway, I fixed it. Now the 'Save to your computer' button works.

September 9, 2007
Voting is done!

After you add text to an image, you now have the option to save the image for voting by using the 'Save to AddCaption for Voting' button.

Save for voting button

Enter your email (you have to confirm your email, so make sure it's valid) and then tag your image. Use as manay tags as you want up to a total of 100 characters, with each tag separated by commas (tag 1,tag2, this is tag3, etc.,).

Then click submit and your image will be added. It won't be live until you've confirmed your email address. Once you've confirmed your email, the image will be available for voting on the site.

June 20, 2007
I found a way to launch the Save process with a button click, so now to save your new image all you have to do is click it and give it a name. Is that handy or what?

June 12, 2007
While testing in FireFox, I noticed that when going back and forth between the text adding page and the new image page, the image wasn't refreshing to show any edits that might have been made. I fiddled with no-cache and JavaScript page reloads, but the iamge still wasn't refreshing. Read about a hack where you add a random number as a variable to the end of the image src and it seems to work.

Also some behind the scene stuff to optimize the image upload/web get save process thingies.

Composting a way to build the site like a hot or not sort of thing, where you can upload/web get an image, add a caption, and then save it to the site for voting.

June 8, 2007
I visited the site this morning and went to upload an image..... 'Variable not declared'. Doh! That explains why no one used it after midnight, as is was in the create directory routine. So I fixed that and then tinkered some more with the form used to add text to the image until I was happy with it.

June 7, 2007
I can't stop messing with it...

Found/fixed an error in calculating the vertical position when 'bottom' is selected. OK, I'm done now, I swear.

Did some major cleanup/pimping on the form used to add the text to the image. Got rid of most of the radio buttons and went for dropdowns, which gives more room for options. Also added in a 'preview' of sorts, so you can see how your choices will affect the text you're putting into the image. Have I mentioned what a pain in the ass JavaScript is? Also, the 'underline' preview doesn't work on FireFox; seems it doesn't recognize the JavaScript textDecorationUnderline attribute. Couldn't find a hack to make it work either, so if you know one, send it to me.

Got a gmail addy and added a contact link too.

I'll cleanup the other radio buttons tomorrow. Right now I'm tired of tinkering!

June 6, 2007
Someone mentioned that it would be useful to be able to add text to both the top and bottom of an image, so I added that. There's a new selection in the form area for vertical alignment: 'both'. Clicking this selection flips to top/caption bottom/caption text areas. Clicking back to the 'top' or 'bottom' selection returns to the regular form with one caption area.

I also 'pimped' the home page in response to some comments about how 'ugly' it was.

After I saw a few visitors had pushed though some pretty big files, I decided limit the size for image uploads and web gets - 1,000,000 bytes (1,000k). That ought to be enough....

June 5, 2007
I added the capability to load an image from anywhere on the Internet! Just paste in the URL of the image you want to load, and will go get it and bring it back so you can add a text caption to it.

I also put up some of the other great celebrity endorsements I'm getting on the home page!

June 3, 2007 launches! At you can upload an image from your computer and add a text caption to it. You can customize the location, size, font, color and background of the text. Once the text caption has been added, you can right click the new image and save it for use on your website, blog, or anything else.

June 1, 2007
I get the idea for after reading an article about web sites where people are uploading pictures of their cats with funny text captions added. After talking to a few non-techies at work and realizing the full extent of their ignorance in reagrds to image editing software (even the crap that comes preinstalled with Windows), I figure a site that provides a simple way to add a text caption to any image without the need for special software might be handy.